I quit Instagram for 40 days.

I quit Instagram for 40 days

In the beginning of this year, I felt simply NOT GOOD each time I got on instagram (I’m very rarely on Facebook so this post is about me quitting IG).

So I took a week off here and two weeks off there from January-March and finally made the decision to delete the app on March 24th.

This social media detox changed my life.

Even though I basically built my email list from my instagram followers, I could tell that I needed to take a break for a few reasons:


My mental health was negatively affected each time I scrolled through instagram.

I’m not sure why it happened this January (since I’ve been on IG almost daily since 2012) but something definitely clicked for me. I would notice how my mood was affected every time I scrolled through my feed. I felt annoyed and almost resentful that I was forcing myself to stay active so that my clients and my followers would feel connected to me. I felt like they wouldn’t “like me” if I stopped sharing bits of my life. That feeling sucked.

I was tired of comparing myself to others.

Even though my business is successful in the ways that matter to ME, I noticed that I was comparing myself to other coaches and entrepreneurs. I would see how many followers they had and overall I felt “lacking”. I’ve spent YEARS focusing on an abundance mindset and could see that my own inner faith was shifting, in a not good way. The very next day after deleting IG, I felt probably 60% better!

My creativity wasn’t flowing with my business projects.

This was probably the biggest reason I initially did the detox. All of my life, I’ve never had people that I like… was obsessed with. This has HELPED me come up with programs for my business, because I never have to worry if the idea came from my own personal experience or not. Before my detox, I would see other coaches programs and feel like mine weren’t “good enough.”

I had a gut feeling and I followed it.

The last and maybe most important reason for my detox? My intuition just told me that it was needed. We are all constantly evolving and shifting, and it’s nice to allow the things we use every day, to shift with us! Have you ever just had a gut feeling about something and followed it?

What what happened in 40 days!

#1: I pick up my phone less often throughout the day

I now keep my phone on Do Not Disturb (except for my favorites) and I don’t check it nearly as often as I did. I also leave it at home when I go out to run errands. Before my 40 day break, I was spending up to 60 minutes a day on Instagram by checking it in spurts ALL.DAMN.DAY. Now that I’m not on it as much, I feel more present in my life. My attention span has lengthened and I don’t feel the dopamine hit when a notification comes, like I used to.

#2: Less social media gave me more self-confidence

This part I wasn’t expecting. I give even LESS of a shit about what others’ think. I set boundaries now WAY before I get into situations where someone might take things personally. I’m realizing more and more that when I vibrate to a level that feels good to ME, anyone who’s not in that same energy or vibration, fades away. If you think that’s rude or insensitive of me, it’s okay! We’re simply on different wavelengths.

#3: I learned to set even better boundaries

It’s been really liberating and I’ve seen the change reflected the most in my friendships and personal relationships. I realized that so many people I was hanging out with, I felt “obligated” to. I didn’t feel lifted up, and actually felt stifling. Now that I am working more (because I have more clients and more programs than I’ve ever had), it’s important for me to nourish my career right now. So hanging out with other like-minded entrepreneurs who enjoy working random hours at similar places as been super liberating and I feel like I’m finally finding my tribe!

So, what’s your relationship with social media?

Comment below and let me know!

This is probably not even the tip of the iceberg of what I’ve learned in these last 40 days. Many of the women in my 13 Moons program also took a break. I think we all feel a bit refreshed!

How to calculate how often you’re on social media:

1. Open the “Settings” app in iOS, then choose “Battery”

2. Scroll down to the “Battery Usage” section of settings and then tap on the little clock icon.

3. Under the app name in question, see exactly how much time an individual app has been used.


1: Go to your Android phone “Settings”

2. Go to “Battery” section to check battery usage or go to “Data usage” section to check each app data usage.

Happy scrolling!