Create Your Own Magic

Taking part in a ritual during the Full Moon can have a pretty sweet effect on the rest of your month; read below for a simple and grounding self (or group) ceremony:

G A T H E R: 
Your favorite smudge stick or incense and a candle
A lighter
A piece of paper and pen
Any crystals or special rocks/ gems you have
Carve out a good 30 minutes to an hour for yourself and any friends.

Collect your items and sit outside under the Moon if you can, and light your candle.  Lay out your crystals and rocks in a circle and sit outside of it.

Smudge yourself with sage or your incense. 

Take a moment to sit in silence as you deepen your breath and relax your body.

Take 3 inhales in through your nose and 3 deep exhales from your mouth, like a sigh. Spend a few moments, with closed eyes, envisioning all that you have felt bubbling to the surface this past month or 6 months. What has been coming up for you?

What are you ready to let go of or to start living with? 

Write down your thoughts on your paper and spend a few breaths holding it close to your chest. After some time, surrender the paper into the candle or fire (safely) and watch it disappear.

Be gentle with yourself as you spend some moments savouring that release; that letting go. 

Take your time in this space you’ve created. If you’re outside, look up at the Moon- feel that energy washing over you and lighting you up.  

B R E A T H E 

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