Dating Yourself...

“If you’re waiting for your next love, look in the mirror.” 
Bridgett Devoue


I used to get so frustrated in my relationships with others. It didn’t necessarily matter the type of relationship:

Lovers, my mother, my brother, coworkers; kind of many people that I came into contact with.

And I always thought the problem was them.

I thought they weren’t accepting enough of me.

I thought that they didn’t understand me enough.

I wanted friends but felt like I never really had a solid group.

I never took the time to look at myself

But I’ve learned that relationships with others are a mirror of our relationship to ourselves.

Here’s what I mean:

If we expect others to fulfill our every need, we set ourselves up for disappointment.

There is no person on this Earth that can be everything we need them to be.

I’ve come to understand that different relationships serve different purposes.

Because we no longer exist in a tribal community, it sometimes feels like everyone for herself.  We isolate our physical bodies but we are also more digitally connected than ever. It’s quite a contradictory experience that we’re living out.  

Society will have us believe that as soon as we find our soul-mate, we will be happy. That they will fulfill our every needs and they are our missing piece.

But no one person can complete us.

That’s not how it works.

I read something a year ago that said something like “Be the woman you want to date” and in doing that, my life has shifted in the most beautiful way.

This is empowerment; taking our happiness, our love, and our needs into our own hands.

Is there anything that you want, that you’re waiting on someone else to give you?
Is there anything that you feel is missing in your life that you want to come from another?

I encourage you to cultivate a practice of dating yourself, this week or this month.  

Why not now? Now is the perfect time to move forward in our relationship with self. 

So this month, take yourself out, make yourself feel good, tell yourself the things you want someone else to tell you.

If you’re single, don’t wait for your life to happen- take it into your own hands.

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