My first vlog (because it's too exciting to type!)

I had NO intention of doing this video but my excitement got the best of me so I found a closet under the stairs, at my co-working space, stuck a plant behind me and filmed this! So please excuse the terrible sound quality with my teeny tiny headphones! 

Transcript is below the video!

Also, in lieu of a New Moon blog, I'm doing a [free] New Moon Ceremony! Tomorrow night at 8pm cst. All you have to do is just join our LN Sisterhood group on FB and I'll be posting the link in our "event" listed in the group! Log into FB, then click here to join. 

Video Transcript:

Hi! This is Lydia from Lunar Nourishment, obviously, and I just want to tell y’all what’s going on right now; some things that I’m really really excited about. The biggest thing is 13 Moons (I know you’ve read a couple of my emails already) and 13 Moons is starting now. We have a group of Witches, this is level 2, and we’re going to be starting a really deep journey together.

So many of y’all wanted to join and I didn’t have enough room (for the Witches) but you can join this program as a Maiden! And what this is, you will be joining me, like this, every single month for an entire year. And they are my New Moon Ceremonies, and this how LN started. I was starting in 2014 in my living room floor in Austin, Texas bringing women together on the New Moon and it has evolved into this yearlong ceremony.

What it is- when you join 13 Moons as a Maiden- you will take part in a ritual with me every single month on the New Moon, to set intentions for your life. And if you know at all or even if you don’t you’ll know now that my work is super intuitive. So every single month we have a theme that goes along with that New Moon but the theme is going to be fluid and changing according to the women that show up. I cannot tell y’all how excited I am about this.  It is the culmination of all of my work for these 4 years, put together in this really special capsule for you.

So when you enroll, you’ll get a welcome email that asks you to log into this password protected portal where all your meditations will live.  And this program, we’ve already got an amazing group of Maidens that have joined us- there’s still room for plenty more. And women are joining us for so many different reasons.  Some because they want to get a better idea of what their career should be; others because they have health issues specifically with their reproductive system. Other women are joining just for “spiritual upkeep” ; a time and place every single month for you to be alone for yourself but also with a sisterhood and a community.

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