Why I send out my newsletter on every New and Full Moon.

When I first founded Lunar Nourishment in 2014, I began by hosting women’s New Moon Ceremonies in my living room. I had much more to share though, than a meditation and astral insights. And so began my email list as a way to communicate my obsession with living a natural life.

My email list began with 15 of my friends in Austin and has since grown to over 2,000 humans in over 40 countries!

I built my email list organically, without paying for one single ad or click. For those of you on the inside of business and marketing, you know that 2,000 is a quite small email list and that those numbers aren’t anything amazing. But they mean something to me and I’ll tell you why.

Word of mouth is better than any clickable link to sign up to your email list.

Why? Because it builds trust. And in the world of business, it’s WAY cheaper to keep a client than to find a new one. So by people forwarding my emails to their friends, the trust factor and them knowing that I’m a real-live human, was already there. Saves me time and effort and I don’t have to do some complicated email funnel just for them to know that Lunar Nourishment is legit.

Consistency is key for KEEPING people on your list.

To answer the question of this post’s title: THIS is why I send out emails on the same “event” every month. Since the New Moon and the Full Moon doesn’t fall on the same date each month, I call it an event. And my subscribers have come to know to expect words from me on those two days a month. It’s what I like to call: A Business Boundary.

They know what to expect from me, and I know when I need to write to them. It’s like this beautiful dance of stability and safety, for all of us.

If you’re an entrepreneur and have an email list, you’ve GOT to be consistent with when you email people.

Conversions mean more than a large email list.

I’ll give you an example of this: You could have 100 people on your list and have 50 of them sign up for your program and that’s a 50% conversion rate;AMAZING! Or you can have 10,000 on your list and have 1,000 people sign up for your program, but that’s only 10%. It might LOOK better because 1,000 people means way more money than 50 people BUT it means that something in your emails isn’t working… it’s not landing on the ears you want. So in the beginning of your business, it’s more important to build a great conversion rate for your industry, rather than try to sign up a bunch of people for your list.

Remember it’s a privilege to have access to someone’s personal email address.

So don’t abuse that privilege by ONLY emailing people when you’re trying to sell them something. Email them when you just want to share info. with them. Email them no matter if they ever reply. Email them what you feel would help them the most.

The people on the other side of the screen, are people just like you; reading words from people like me, are that: real-life people who feel the same types of pain and loneliness and “what the hell am I doing with my life??” that you feel.

So here’s to all of us, who have trusted someone enough to give them access to us, so that in turn, they might help us out, too. Here’s to being human.