Self-Care Down There: audio-blog episode #1

Self-care for our bodies can heal us from the inside out.  I thought I’d share a few simple tips for how to take care of your sensitive lady parts/ vulva. Take a listen and then if you'd like more resources, check out what's below!

Cleaning products

The skin that makes up the vulva is ultra-sensitive.  In fact, your body’s skin is just like an organ, so a good rule of thumb for using anything is that if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. This applies to cleaning products as well.  If you’re currently using a cleaning product specifically for your vagina, take a look at the ingredient list. If there’s a word you don’t know, throw it out. Instead, use Dr. Bronner’s or another organic soap. NOTE*** If you do use a soap, like Dr. Bronner's, for your vulva, DILUTE it, a lot. I use a ratio of one drop of soap to one cup of water.  

Period hygiene

Remember to use organic, non-bleached, cotton tampons or pads.  Another option is menstrual cups and menstrual sponges.  

I mentioned what I wear, Thinx period panties. You can find them here. Another option are reusable cloth pads. I like gladrags. You can find them here. 

* correction: ACTUALLY THEY SAY YOU LOSE BETWEEN 2-6 TABLESPOONS of blood on your heaviest days!

Personal lubricants

Remember* don't use coconut oil as a lubricant because it can break down the material of the condom. Click here to explore organic lubricants by Living Libations. Top of the line and amazing!

Vaginal Steaming

Click here to read my post all about steaming! It includes a list of my favorite herbs for steaming. for organic dried herbs to create your own steam blend.


Some all natural panties= blue canoe, wear pact, and remember to try cotton yoga pants!


Pelvic floor

Read Dr. Christiane Northrup's article on the psoas. This is linked to your pelvic floor.

tight psoas leads to a tight pelvic floor; an overstretched psoas can be linked to a weak pelvic floor. 

Want more tips for self-care, down there? Join our online course, Balanced Babes to learn all things feminine including monthly rituals for connecting to your womb.  Click here to learn more about this amazing journey.