New Moon Intentions

Happy New Moon day to you.

When the Moon is in this dark phase, both the Sun and the Moon are in the same Zodiac sign; each month brings a new sign and new energies to harness. Unlike the Full Moon nights, when energies are high, the New Moon time is one of introspection and darkness. It is a time to plant new seeds for the coming Moon cycle. As you start to set intentions each month, you may notice how the days of the month no longer hold such value, but rather, the phase of the Moon determines your actions. 

As human beings, we have always had this amazing connection to the Moon; it greatly influences our inner cycles and our outer relationships.  Rather than go against the flow, we can learn to embrace and trust in the powerful energy that this celestial body allows us to harness.

One my favorite authors, Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes: “Anyone close to a wildish woman, is in fact in the presence of two woman; an outer being and an interior criatura, one who lives in the topside world, one who lives in the world not so easily seeable. The outer being lives by the light of day and is easily observed. She is often pragmatic, acculturated and very human. The criatura, however, often travels to the surface from very far away, often appearing and then as quickly disappearing, yet always leaving behind a feeling: something surprising, original, and knowing."


As women, we have learned to adapt and live in two separate worlds. The outside world and our own, inner, under-world.  During this New Moon phase, we are inhabiting the mysterious underworld. We can use this deep energy in a positive way, through setting intentions. 

The time to set intentions is this New Moon time; it’s a direct calling for us to sit down with pen and paper or photos and glue, to really make our thoughts turn into visions that we can create as our reality.  The simple act of creating ritual is often times enough of a catalyst for our intentions to turn into actions.  So whether you have an altar set up at home or if you need to carve out space in your day to spend in ceremony, the time is now. Let the Moon guide you as you put positive thoughts into the Universe. 

Creating ceremony alone can be extremely nourishing; but it’s also really powerful to come together with others.  Women, ages ago, would bleed together on the New Moon. This was a time when they would leave their partners and homes to travel together to rest and create and just BE.  Today, because of artificial lighting, lack of attention, and other factors, many women aren’t synced up together. But we can still gather in ritual and ceremony to set New Moon intentions and be witnessed by each other.  

You can visit  to learn how to host your own gathering.  

If you live in the Austin, Texas area- we host monthly New Moon gatherings. Stay tuned to our Events section to find out when the next circle takes place! 

Take thought and plant many seeds during this New Moon; keep them fertile through rest and self-care and the nourishing love that you embody, always and forever.