The 12 Experiments: Month 1 recap


This is the first of 12 blog posts in a series dedicated to The 12 Experiments (created by my lovely friend, Sarah). It’s a series of 12 monthly life experiments. I decided to jump on board, rather than do 1 New Year’s Resolution.

Because, honestly, there are some things I’ve been saying I want to do FOR YEARS and I’m tired of being disappointed in myself for not even trying many of them.

So, a blog post to recap each of my months is apparently most of the accountability that I need.

The first month of experiments, I decided to focus on my body.

I’ve been saying for three years that I want to gain weight and have done nothing about it. I’ve also been saying for three years that I want to get back into some sort of movement practice, even if it’s not yoga.

So on January 1st, I decided that this month, every single day, I would eat three full meals a day and do some type of “intense” movement for 15 minutes a day.

And I did it!

The hardest one was eating three meals a day. Let me tell you- it’s not talked about but SO many women (I know this because they are my clients) have used food as a form of control and punishment.

You can read my IG post about it here.

Anyways, at the beginning of this month I realized that, although I’m past that point, I was still not where I wanted to be in terms of knowing when my body was hungry, etc.

Well, after 31 days of making myself eat like a normal person, that has changed SIGNIFICANTLY.

I’m still working on it but to sum up what I learned:

I was hangry for YEARS. Really- being hungry affected my mood, my energy level, and my desire to be a part of the world.

This was one of the best months of my life and it was probably because I was happy and full.

The movement part was easy for me. I ended up doing more than 15 minutes a day and I’m excited to say that it has inspired my experiment for next month…!

Want to know what my next experiment is? I’ll give you a hint and see if you can guess it, by commenting below…

It’s something that Spiderman is really good at..