Eat right for YOUR body and reduce anxiety!

Vata season is here (that auto-corrected to ta-ta. haha…)

Anyways; Fall Equinox has come, we have our Harvest Full Moon TODAY and the weather, for most of us, is starting to get cooler. Most of my audience are like me, and so I’m assuming you are Vata; this is one of the three Doshas in Ayurveda; a science to Yoga.

In Ayurveda (comes from ancient India), the three Doshas are energy types that determine our physical structure, our mental and emotional health and how we feel in the world.

(There are tons of online Dosha “quizzes” so you can see what you are, if you don’t know.)

The three Doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha correspond to a season however, Vata only has one season; autumn. Pitta and Kapha dominate all other seasons.

So for those of us who are Vata, it’s OUR time to really really make sure that we’re practicing self-care.

I have soooooo many things I could write about Vata and trauma and anxiety and how that manifests as a lack of confidence, self-doubt, fear, and grief.

But for now, I want to share with you my favorite tea recipe for relaxing all the high-strung energy, cold, and dry-ness that comes with being Vata.

This tea is nourishing and meant to promote healthy agni, or digestive fire, in the body. All Vata imbalances live in the colon (each Dosha corresponds to a place in the body) and though Vata is air and ether, it’s the GROUNDING and lower part of our body that we really need to make sure we’re taking care of.

A Vata imbalance can manifest as many things but the most common tend to be constipation/diarrhea, nervousness, excessive worry, dry skin, wavering appetite (either soooooo hungry or you could eat a cracker and feel full) and a general sense of discomfort in the abdomen.

Drinking warm beverages (like this one!), eating foods high in healthy fats (bone broth is a great example), and having lunch as your biggest meal of the day are three SUPER simple tips for balancing excessive Vata.

Okay, on to the tea…

I buy all of these ingredients in bulk (my organic grocery store carries them but you could also order via Mountain Rose Herbs).


You’ll need:

  • Fresh Ginger (dried would do but you can probably find fresh)

  • Fresh cracked pepper (coarse ground)

  • Rose Hips (and/or Rose Petals)

  • Cinnamon Stick (not powder)

  • Licorice Root

  • Raw Honey

  • Milk or nut milk

While your water is boiling, thinly slice the ginger (about 2 discs per cup), and crush your cinnamon stick ( I use a mortar and pestle).

Mix a half teaspoon each of all other ingredients (except just a pinch of black pepper) and place in a tea strainer.

If you don’t have one, just pour the boiling water over the ingredients in a large mug.

Cover and let steep for a few minutes.

Strain (you can use a colander to strain if you don’t have the tea strainer).

Add a half teaspoon of raw honey and a little milk.


For added benefit of detoxification, you can add in fresh turmeric just like you added the fresh ginger.

For all you Vatas out there; keep your feet warm and move slowly this season.

Take care of YOU, first.