Love Yourself In All Your Colorful Ways.

We sat down (virtually) with some incredible women that we've had the honor of discovering through social media. With so many articles out about perceptions of those we follow and how superficial our social media lives can be, we wanted to take a positive spin on that and feature some women who are a positive influence through their work and the way they live their lives!

Each woman featured in this series is following her dreams, and listening to her heart and her intuition. We hope this inspires you as much as it did us! 

First up in our series is the beautiful words and art by Vanya Vukelić, otherwise known as  @merakilabbe 

  • I know who you are and what your business or passion is, but what do you say when people ask "What do you do?"

    I tend to avoid conversations where I might be asked such questions, but sometimes it’s inevitable so I most often than not say I’m a writer or a poet. It’s quite interesting to observe others reaction to my answer as most people’s understanding or expectations of ‘work’ are based on society’s cookie-cutter standards.

  • Was there an "aha" moment that made you feel like you just had to follow your dream?

    I believe Iwas simply tired of using my energy, hard-work and long hours working for someone else. I was guided by the desire to start a fresh journey of self-discovery and a dream to sustain myself independently, so I started learning how to draw in order to express my visions. Through this learning, which still is on-going, I am discovering a myriad of possibilities within.

  • Who are your biggest inspirations?

    Forever inspired and guided by Mother Earth’s abundant gifts. Inspiration is all around us, within, us, encircling us every breath we take, and for that I am forever grateful. I love to read, and few of my greatest inspirations are the minds of certain authors, poets and psychotherapists like Carl Jung, Anais Nin, Gurdjieff, Herman Hesse, Kafka, and many more.

  • What are you most passionate about?

    Love, relationships and dreams...poetry, psychology, and travelling, and manifesting visions into reality.

  • What would you want to tell other women who are feeling ready to take the leap and follow what makes them happy?

    Be gentle on yourself and enjoy your solitude. Great ideas are born out of the depths of silence. Get to know and love yourself in all your colorful ways. Find a way where you are able to express yourself. Any way that nourishes you. It doesn’t have to be the “right’ or ‘correct’ or ‘accepted’ way but it has to be YOUR way. So nurture yourideas, your imagination and your being. Surrender to your brilliance. The journey of taking a leap is never easy, it is never comfortable or safe, but it is always rewarding, empoweringand gives you everything you need.

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