Work Smarter- Not Harder

Hey you, I’m here with some tips on how you can actually make the money you want to make by working LESS.

That’s right. The less work you do, the more money you can make.


You’ve probably heard me talk about the law of attraction, of setting intentions, of manifesting etc etc.  

 Photo by  Andrew Bennett

But what if, no matter *what* you wanted to manifest, you still felt like you’re spreading yourself thin, you still second-guessed the things you set intentions towards, and you still don’t feel GOOD on a regular basis?

That sucks.

First off, it doesn’t matter HOW good you are at manifesting and vision-boarding and crystal-dreaming; if you still aren’t feeling in alignment with SOMETHING, then you’re doing it wrong.

Just because you’re good at something, doesn’t mean you should do it.

Just because Universe hands you an opportunity, doesn’t mean you have to say yes.

The key to living an aligned life and feeling in the flow is only doing the things that don’t feel like work.

Another way to put it is “work smarter- not harder”.

That feels good, right??

(In 13 Moons - which you can read about here- I show you how to listen to your inner voice so you can let go of the things that are holding you back from feeling good on a very regular basis.)

Say that your dream is to support yourself by teaching yoga.  So you say yes to any classes that come your way and feel like you’ve got to be grateful, because that’s what you wished for, right?

Let me repeat: the key to living an aligned life is figuring out what you want to FEEL like.  

Here’s an example of how it works:

You know you want to help people connect to their body (yoga).

You know you want to make your own money and not work for yourself.   

So now what?

You’ve gotta figure out the thing that you’ve always been good at. The thing that others come to you for. The thing that doesn’t feel like “work” to you.

Maybe it’s giving your friends relationship advice. You’re always the go-to person and you could talk about it ALL. DAMN. DAY.

So what if you combine THAT skill with your yoga teaching?

Instead of just “My name is ___ and I teach yoga.” ...How about….

Connected Practice: an 8 week yoga program for couples to deepen your relationship and increase intimacy.  

You might be thinking, “where would I find someone who wants to pay me for that?”

I hear you and I get why you think that but…

When you are totally in alignment with what you are good at and what others want from you, it’s like flies and honey (that’s a saying right..?).

They will come.

Because you’re telling Universe that you are EMBRACING the gifts you’ve been given. You are ready to serve others. And you’re ready to do it in a way that lights you up; in a way that’s sustainable and not draining to you.  

So, are you living in alignment with your inner voice? Or are you draining yourself, not expressing your gifts to the world, and not serving others in the way you’re meant to serve?

If you get what I’m saying, you are light years ahead of some people who will continue to drain their energy.  

Here’s what one of my clients, Kala, had to say about why she’s joining 13 Moons as a Moon Maiden:

"I'd recommend working with Lydia because she has this magical ability to connect with you, even through a screen. She can bring that out and really use it as a tool in helping you with whatever sort of direction you need help with and for me, that's huge.
It's helped me to identify other areas of my life and I should probably let go and move on from - things that my ego wants me to be part of but that don't actually serve me in any way (things that actually drain me). Powerful stuff, indeed! I feel like a sponge, just soaking up all this great stuff.”

So what’s your next step? Joining us for a year-long lunar immersion to find your inner voice so you can work smarter, not harder.

Want to get there?

13 Moons is sold out for now, but you can work with me one-on-one! Click here to learn about private sessions!

(hint: if you wanna feel better on the daily, it’s for you.)