If you aren't CLEAR on your biz, you won't make $$

 photo by Andrew Bennett

photo by Andrew Bennett

In 2015 , I started Lunar Nourishment. I made $0 that year with my business. I spent my time running in circles, paying money for things that I wasn't ready for, and Googling my way through things.

I thought that just because I had a business degree and a GREAT concept, I would make enough $$ to support myself.

But y'all- that ain't how business works.

First off, I wasn't even clear on WHY I wanted my own business.

Because I wasn’t clear on myself, I also didn’t know who I was trying to sell to. So my branding, my sales copy, my emails- it lacked direction. I was trying to reach EVERYONE so I was reaching NO ONE.

Are you in the same boat? >>>>>>>>>

I didn't know about SEO, streams of revenue, passive income opportunities, and business organization.

It didn't matter how fucking AWESOME my teachings were (I taught women about their menstrual cycle and how to regulate their hormones) or how many life-changing testimonials I had, I barely scraped by my first THREE years!

I honestly made it SOOOOO much harder than it had to be!

Because of that, I had to rent out my apartment on Airbnb every other month and build websites on the side. But all I truly wanted was for Lunar Nourishment to fully support me.

Maybe you have or want to start a business because you do great work and you have an amazing idea- and I WANTED so badly to create a Business 101 course this year. I didn't get to it (because of 13 Moons!) but my bestie, Shay, did!

She was the first person to actually coach me in my business and with her guidance I have made real money that supports me.


Why am I telling you about Shay’s course?

Because I don’t want you to waste the time and money that I did! I wish so badly I had invested in my business earlier on so that I didn’t have to hustle so hard for three years.

Click below to learn about Shay’s course (she’s got yoga teachers, life coaches and more already signed up!). If you’re super interested, book a call with her.

For 10% off of the course, use the code “manifest”.

Happy Entrepreneuring!