Breathe in through your nose as you read this.

Sigh it out from your mouth.

Did you know that you LITERALLY have everything you need to heal yourself, calm your nervous system, and connect to Spirit, right in this very moment?

It’s not medicine from a doctor. It’s not the bliss from a yoga class. It’s not the training from a health coach or all the kale in the world.

It’s in your breath.

Yup. I’m not kidding AND it’s easier to access this healing power than you think!

Your breath is medicine; it is liquid gold that has the ability to pour into every single space inside of you that needs nourishment.

Your breath can:

  • move trauma through the cells that it lies in.

  • help diffuse blocked energy stored in muscles and joints.

  • soften your heart to allow you to grieve

  • connect you with a higher power.

You have this power within. You have this prana- this life force.

It is your birth right to be able to understand how to cultivate and move energy through the temple of your body.

Breathwork is used in the same ways as plant medicine, meditation, and yoga- to connect you to YOU.


Breath work for Self-Connection

a guided audio experience

for women who want to learn how to listen to their inner voice and LET GO

Here’s how women felt after doing this practice:

  • “Sexual, empowered, I felt taller and like the things I wanted to become were the things I was growing into. I saw very clearly a light green bubbling rod running from cervix to throat, like a stronger spine. It was beautiful.”

  • “I felt like I shed a huge armor that I’d been building for a long time.”

  • “Grounded and open to what was coming towards me. I felt like I could do anything and it’s an energy I’ve bringing with me everyday since.”

  • “LOVE your breath work practices. So many feels.”

  • “I felt amazing after, I could feel my whole body vibrating and almost sense all the cells and energy moving around in my body! I also felt very at one with my body and mind afterward and that feeling carried on for hours! I would love to do more breath work like that it was an amazing experience.”

  • “I felt as if I’d been off my path for a long time and I’d just found the trail home.”

  • “OPEN - like some stuck energy was finally flowing.”

How it works:

Once you purchase the meditation (remember if you’re in 13 Moons- use your VIP code!) you’ll be sent a download link that expires within 24 hours.

Check spam/updates/promo folder if you don’t see it.

Find some place comfy with a blanket and socks. I’ll explain everything in the meditation.

No breath work experience necessary!

Some positive affects of a regular breath work practice:

-Sense of empowerment
-Reduces the following: anxiety/depression, unresolved grief and loss, PTSD and unresolved trauma, panic attacks, phobias, chronic stress, mental illness, allergies, digestive issues like IBS, sleep issues, anger and much more
-Connection to your heart center
-Clarity + focus