you, goddess

Have moved through the seasons, entering into deep connection with each one.  You began at the New Moon, feeling into what brings you comfort. You innocently slid into your springtime, Waxing Moon, energy and felt light and vibrant. You lovingly waltzed into summer, this Full Moon goddess ripe with passion. And you gracefully made your way into Autumn with your Waning Moon priestess energy.  

You have reached the end of your Balanced Babes journey but the beginning of your wise woman initiation.  It is now your responsibility to your higher self to take what you have learned and weave it into your life.  May your days be filled with ritual and moon-time routine. May you share what you have learned with the women in your life.  

Let us take part in a guided closing ceremony.  Find a quiet space to be alone, without distraction.  Find yourself in a meditative state and click below...  


Let all of this new information work for you.  Incorporate what you can, when you can.  Skip some parts and let others marinate.  Return to any lessons that you feel called to, at any time.  Use the resources wisely, and add them to your wisdom book of divine feminine knowing.

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