Current Life-Coaching Offerings

 My coaching ranges from work/life balance, sexuality, relationships, nutrition/physical health, and more.  I work with women who are ready to honor the wisdom that's inside of them.  I do not take my work lightly- by using intuitive coaching skills, I ask deep questions during our session that will bring your awareness back to the most important thing in your life- you.  

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Quick focus

Have you tried different classes, workshops, therapists, and teachers only to find yourself in the same situations over and over again?

This session is geared towards bringing you back into total alignment.

30 minutes hour= $65
(30% off in you’re in 13 moons)

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Create a Plan

This intuitive coaching call is all about getting unstuck and coming up with a plan or system to keep you on track.

This session is for anyone dealing with big life changes (or wanting to make a big life change) that's going to last.

Career transition, relationships, parents/family issues, health problems, emotional/compulsive eating, and more. 

1 hour= $111
(30% off in you’re in 13 moons)

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Accelerated Coaching 

Need to really work some shit out?

Book me for 4 weeks straight and we’ll meet once a week to help you get unstuck and create a self-prioritization plan.

Another perk:

In between sessions, you get full access to me via a private email address that only my QUEENS get!


All video calls, above, will be recorded and sent to you within 24 hours so you can listen to it as often as you'd like! 

How it works:

  1. Click the button to book your session of choice!

  2. Once you book, you’ll receive an email with the payment link + cancellation policies.

  3. Enter your payment information (your card won’t be charged until AFTER your session).

  4. You’ll then get an email with the link to join our video call!

Why work with me?

I take my work very seriously and I fully believe that the women I'm meant to be on this journey with, will find their way here.

Women that book sessions with me have typically taken part in one of my past programs or have a friend who knows me.  Because my work is deeply connected with spirit and not a specific result, before you book your session, make sure that first off, you trust yourself.  Many other people's services are simple, "Pay me and I'll build you a website", for example. My work is not like that. 

You and I show up, exactly as we are, and trust that through conversation and meditation, the words and energy that needs to come forth, will.

Many women typically only book 3-6 sessions per year with me versus once a month, because the nature of personal growth. Just like growing a garden, it doesn't happen over night. It's not a big "ta da" moment with flashing lights. Deep, personal work comes from daily decisions, from practice, and from cultivating love for self, in every moment.  

I am a certified integrative coach as well as a Reiki Master, an experience Yoga instructor, and a women's leadership facilitator with 4 years experience guiding women in this way.  

Do you trust yourself enough to know that, when you work with me, you'll realize how to be your own teacher?