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Guest Speaking at Rewild Festival

I’ll be speaking at the Austin Rewild Festival this October; all about Moon magic and bleeding and living seasonally! Learn more below!

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Welcome to the Austin Rewild Festival...

a two-day camping festival event focused on strengthening our relationship to nature, as individuals and a community. At the core, rewilding means to return to a more natural state. In practice, rewilding is a lifestyle that prioritizes a connection with nature through outdoor play, self-reliance, sustainable food choices, and even zero waste living. 

Explore what it means to REWILD during this weekend of hands-on workshops, intimate conversations, plant walks, yoga, meditation, and music that will help you engage with nature in all aspects of your life including food, movement, sexuality, and healing. 

The goal of this unique outdoor experience is to create space to exchange ideas, connect with nature, nourish our bodies with plant-based meals from Curcuma and create community. We’ll explore the many ways we can unlearn and rewild our lives for greater alignment, abundant living and transformation.

You’ll learn from a curated line-up of leaders in the Austin community, who create education and community in alignment with rewilding principles and are excited to share their experiences.

Weekend programming includes speaker sessions, hands-on skill learning, plant- walks, primal movement, team building activities and community meals. Our weekend adventure will be held at Gingerland, a 59 acre dynamic ranch just outside of Austin.