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Tune Your Moon

  • Soma Vida 2324 Cesar Chavez Austin, Texas 78702 United States (map)

Join Lydia and the Lunar Nourishment Ladies for an evening of celebration (Summer Solstice!), Moon Insights, and Community.

Tune Your Moon

Connect to the seasons and come into bloom

During this collaborative conversation, Lydia will share insights on how women can live in rhythm with the seasons to access their confidence, find their purpose, and improve their sense of well-being.

Who is this for?

  • You crave friendships that go deeper than daily “drama”

  • You want to feel more in tune with nature and your body

  • You know that you’re intuitive and want to learn how to harness it to help you

  • You’re a sensitive empath who feels others’ emotions and want to learn how to process yours

  • You’re curious about all this Moon stuff!

  • You want to be around other like-minded ladies in a casual setting but without alcohol!

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The structure of the evening:


-We will begin PROMPTLY at 7pm. If you’re more than 10 minutes late, please refrain from joining us so that we can keep our container secure.

-What to bring: Bring a journal if you like to take notes. There will be some blankets/pillows to sit on but if you want to guarantee one, bring your own. There are some chairs, too, if you can’t sit on the floor.

-How to get there: You’ll enter through the BACK door of Soma Vida because you’re going to park in the parking lot in the back of the building. You’ll see a lighted sign directing you to a stairway. Walk up the stairs and go left and you’ll hear/see us in the Mind Body Room.

-If you have social anxiety, that’s okay. My events are structured so you won’t feel forced to make small talk. I’ll guide us in a meditation and your nervousness will go away once we all ground together. You’re safe.


-Is it free?
Yes BUT you’ll need to RSVP (below) because it’s a small space.
-Can I bring a lady friend?
Yes but they’ll need to RSVP, too.
-What should I wear?
Anything comfy enough to sit on the floor in.
-Do I need to know about the moon in order to come?
Nah. Just come with an open mind.
-How do I get to Soma Vida?
Google is your best friend. I won’t be available via email the evening of the event so make sure you know how to get there and to the Mind Body room upstairs, past the gallery.


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