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Learn to track your cycle

What: A women's webinar
Where: The comfort of your home (all you need is an internet or phone connection)!
When: Wednesday, May 31st at 8:00pm
A recording will be sent out to those who can't make the live call.

  • Do you have questions about your body or your monthly cycle that you've never felt comfortable asking?
  • Do you have a not-so-great relationship with your body and want to change that?
  • Are you uncomfortable asking for what you need from your partner?
  • Do you dread your monthly period, or want to have a regular period each month? 

Then this workshop is for you! 

Join Lydia for an educational, entertaining, and life-changing workshop all about your menstrual cycle! This workshop is for any woman who is interested in learning about her body's physical and emotional changes she experiences throughout her menstrual cycle. You'll learn how to track your cycle, how to either plan or prevent pregnancy, how to increase your sex-drive and so much more! 

This workshop is perfect for if you:

  • Desire a deeper understanding of your hormones, energy level, menstruation, and emotional energy.

  • Want to learn how to look for signs of your physical body to indicate the different phases of your menstrual cycle.

  • Are interested in learning about alternatives to hormonal birth control.

  • Are in a relationship and want more support from your partner when you are menstruating or experiencing symptoms of PMS.

Reviews from other women:

What was the most valuable thing you learned in Natural Cycles? "For me, it was learning about the history behind our cycles and how so many things stemmed from them, such as the calendars throughout time. I left feeling very empowered and even felt compelled to run home and tell my fiancé everything that I had learned :) "

Would you recommend this to a friend? "Absolutely! Every woman should have this knowledge of her body and how know how empowering it can feel to be connected to it." 

 "I learned so many things about being a woman. It makes me sad that I am just learning this stuff at 35 years old, and there are so many women out there who will never be given this knowledge. I have decided to have my IUD taken out and start tracking my cycle. I have already ordered a couple of books that Lydia suggested  to help track my cycle. I am so excited about this new journey in my life!" 

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