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New Moon Dream Ceremony

What if life is really just a dream? 

What if you felt yourself not just knowing that but FEELING it? 

Myths. Stories. Archetypes. Dramas. Relationship to Others and Self.

This is what we grow up thinking that our life is about. These are the things that make us feel alive, validated, REAL.

But if it all was just a dream? What if we could reach inside of ourselves to pull up love and manifest all things possible? .....



Join Lydia and the Lunar Nourishment sisterhood tribe for an intimate discussion on dreams, intentions, and what we see for ourselves in the future.

We will gather TOGETHER to create a sacred container; a space where we can, as individuals and the collective, learn to release what no longer serves us so that we can start to truly LIVE. We will share our stories, our hearts, our deepest fears and desires to allow what needs to come up, to come up.  To allow what needs to be spoken, to be spoken.  

This gathering will be


The exact structure of our time together will depend upon the energy of the women who decide to attend.  Every Moon that we gather, brings a different energy. Sometimes most of the women there have never been to a ceremony before. Other times, we'll have half "new" women and half who have already been with us before.  This will be a facilitated discussion where you're encouraged to speak up, about anything you feel called to share, that's focused around dream-time, what you want your life to look like, and setting intentions for the coming Moon Cycle. 

Whatever your reason for showing up; you're embraced, encouraged, and SUPPORTED in whatever way you show up.  

When: Monday, July 24th from 7:30-8:45pm
Where: my home in central Austin
an email will be sent to all attendees with detailed directions
-Space is limited to 15. Tickets sell out each month so register below when you know you want to come! 
-Join our private LN sisterhood Facebook group if you want to post about carpooling! 


"I enjoyed that I was able to share my intention with everyone, plus I was really grateful to see so many ladies come together for healing and growth."- Pam

"It's so powerful and wonderful and empowering." - Erin

"It's intense and beautiful and even during intros everyone was so supportive of where each woman was."  - Victoria

"You seem to have a real way of guiding people with your voice. I was resonating with everything you were saying during the guided meditation." - Amanda

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