1. What is 13 Moons?

    • A 6 month online group coaching program based on the phases of the Moon

  2. Can anyone join?

    • Anyone can join the Maidens Mentorship level. For the Witches Mentorship, you must apply and for the Queens Apprenticeship, we schedule a phone call.

  3. How do the 75 minute live calls work?

    • The New Moon calls are done via Crowdcast . You’ll see + hear me on your computer screen but no one will see or hear you. You’ll interact with me + the group via a chat box. You can ask me questions in a private chat area.

    • The Full Moon calls are done via Zoom video. You’ll see everyone’s faces in a grid on your screen. You’ll want to make sure you have a working computer microphone (headphones are actually best) for these calls.

  4. What if I can’t make it to a live call?

    • Totally fine! The recordings will be posted in your online portal by 10am the morning after the ceremony calls. You can watch (if you want) at your convenience.

  5. I’m not a “team player” and don’t like group stuff. Should I join?

    • This isn’t a typical “online spiritual women’s group”. This is for the witchy, creative, intuitive woman who may not “play well” with others because she simply hasn’t found the tribe she wants to vibe with. I’m the same way; I don’t do “networking” stuff, I don’t go on retreats. I created this program for women like you and me. You’re going to feel more connected than you ever thought possible to women who are more like you than you could imagine.

  6. What happens after I pay?

    • You’ll receive an automated email prompting you to create your unique user ID and password for the 13 Moons Portal site (that’s where all the videos + workbooks will live) and next steps will be there! Our first call is on July 2nd. You’ll always receive a call reminder email 2 days before the call.