1. What is 13 Moons, exactly?

    • A 6 month online group coaching program with each month’s theme based on the phases of the New + Full Moon.

    • Time commitments (this doesn’t include how often you’ll chat w/ the other ladies!)

      • Maidens Membership: 2-ish hours per month of live calls

      • Witches Mentorship: 5-ish hours per month of live calls

      • Queens Apprenticeship: 7-ish hours per month of live calls + 2 hours a week of business “homework” /development

  2. How will this help me create a business?

    • Level 3, Queens, is for budding entrepreneurs who want to create and launch a signature profitable program but need guidance on how to build an authentic business. I’m SO passionate about helping women in business, because it’s been my background for over 10 years! Queens get free access into my Soul Income Mastermind (valued at $500!) and life-time access to the course material!

  3. Who is Lydia??

  4. Can anyone join?

    • Anyone can join the Maidens Mentorship level. For the Witches + Queens Levels, Mentorship, you must apply. (Previous 13M grads don’t have to apply to be a Witch and previous SIM grads don’t have to apply to be a Queen.)

  5. What is the “Slack” community?

    • It’s like Facebook but ONLY with 13 Mooners, no ads, and no one else allowed in. You can do calls (audio &/or video) with the other ladies, and private chats!

  6. How do the 75 minute live calls work?

    • The New Moon calls are done via Crowdcast . You’ll see + hear me on your computer screen but no one will see or hear you. You’ll interact with me + the group via a chat box. You can ask me questions in a private chat area.

    • The Full Moon calls are done via Zoom video. You’ll see everyone’s faces in a grid on your screen. You’ll want to make sure you have a working computer microphone (headphones are actually best) for these calls.

  7. What if I can’t make it to a live call?

    • Totally fine! The recordings will be posted in your online portal by 10am the morning after the ceremony calls. You can watch them whenever you want!

  8. I’m not a “team player” and don’t like group stuff. Should I join?

    • This isn’t a typical “online spiritual women’s group”. This is for the witchy, creative, intuitive woman who may not “play well” with others because she simply hasn’t found the tribe she wants to vibe with. I’m the same way; I don’t do “networking” stuff, I don’t go on retreats. I created this program for women like you and me. You’re going to feel more connected than you ever thought possible to women who are more like you than you could imagine.

  9. What happens after I pay?

    • You’ll receive an email within 24 hours (because it comes from me, personally!) letting you know next steps :)

  10. Are there refunds?

    • No and here’s why:

      • Say you enrolled in a class at your college. Since seats are limited, once you pay, that spot is closed for another potential student. It’s up to YOU to show up to class, to do the work, to reach out to the professor if you have questions. A student doesn’t get their money back from the college because they changed their mind and didn’t come to class. Spots are VERY limited in 13 Moons and I’m not able to offer refunds after enrollment closes and the course begins. So use your intuition and only enroll if it’s a HELL YES. Because of the cohort experience of 13 Moons, it’s vital that you know that once you enroll, your only assignment is to simply show up. No matter how you “are”- it’s a safe space for you to simply show up as yourself.