Balanced Babes Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to have a "normal" period to do this course?

Nope! This course is designed for every woman, regardless of her flow. If you do have an irregular menstrual cycle, this course is great for you! You'll learn how to bring balance to your cycle through nutrition, cycle tracking, breath-work and ritual.

2. Can I take this course if I am on birth control?

YES! A big part of Balanced Babes is learning about the Fertility Awareness Method as a tool for tracking your cycle. So whether you track your cycle for "fun" (not needing it for pregnancy prevention) or whether you want to eventually get off of hormonal birth control, you'll learn the tools you need to get you started.

3. I don't have any issues with my period. Is this course for me?

Yes; the course is NOT just about your period. There are FOUR major phases of your menstrual cycle that women experience each month, so you'll learn about each of these phases and the physical, emotional, and even spiritual aspects of each phase.

4. I am vegan. Will I be able to actually use the recipes in the course? 

Yes. The hormone-balancing recipes do not have animal products ( except for ghee, but an oil can be substituted) in them but there is an option for each to add a meat-based protein. Recipes are vegetarian, vegan-friendly, and sugar free!

5. What will the course be like? How will I receive lessons?

Students will receive 1 lessons per week in the form of an email. Each week, you'll learn about a different phase of your menstrual cycle.  New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon.  Lessons will cover the phases of the Moon Cycle & your menstrual cycle; what physical, emotional, & spiritual changes to expect for each phase. Students will also receive a hormone balancing recipe for each phase of their cycle. It includes an herbal tea recommendation. You will have LIFETIME access to the course, as long as you save the emails!

6. Is the course self-paced or done "live"?

Students can choose to take the course live, receiving emails & watching videos as soon as they are released, OR they can choose to start or finish the course when they desire! 

7. Do you provide refunds?

You may receive a refund up to 1 week into the course. Please feel into your intuition to decide if the course is right for you. *Note: nothing in the course should be taken as medical advice. Before stopping any medicine or changing your diet, consult your healthcare practitioner.