Find your inner voice

Intuitive Coaching for women leaders who want to stop staying small so they can finally enjoy the life they’re creating.


Life isn’t a chase for perfection. It’s about enjoying what you have and creating clarity around what you want.

Lunar Nourishment’s 3 pillars of support


If you don’t trust your body and you don’t feel optimally healthy, you don’t feel safe in your body. I’ll show you how to unlock your body’s 3 inner voices so you can finally feel healthy, without obsessing about it.


99% of the women who come to me, want financial freedom in the form of their own health/wellness business! Whether you’re just starting out or ready to launch your signature program, I’ve got you covered.


There’s no point in achieving health or wealth goals, if you can’t enjoy it once you get there. By learning how to heal your Mother Wound, set boundaries, and honor your inner child, you unlock the mystery to enjoying life.

Photo by The Perfect Headshot

Photo by The Perfect Headshot

Hi there!

I’m Lydia Jarjoura and I help women just like you- ready to go from playing it safe to living life to the fullest!

First things first- I’m obsessed with cats, I identify most an intuitive and an artist, and I’m an identical twin! My favorite food is grass fed butter and my favorite activity is laying in the sun next to a natural body of water.

As an intuitive, I give women the answers they’re seeking.

But I do it by helping you tap into YOUR intuition. Once you know how to listen to yourself, the world opens up!

Don’t wait until you’re Oprah’s age to start trusting yourself.

You can do it now! When I first started coaching women, in 2015, I wanted to help EVERYONE. But I quickly realized that I’d burn out very fast if I tried to do that. So now I stick to 3 main areas, Health, Wealth, and Self. Honestly, it’s hard to touch on one without touching the other so it often overlaps!