what's in the course?

It's a 4 week online curriculum where you'll discover the gifts of your menstrual cycle.

You'll learn about each aspect of the 4 major phases of your cycle:

Week 1: New Moon or Menstrual phase
Week 2: Waxing Moon or Follicular phase
Week 3: Full Moon or Ovulatory phase
Week 4: Waning Moon or Luteal phase

why learn about each phase of your cycle?

When we understand how our cycle can work to balance out the way we feel, we are empowered to be collaborators in our healing.  No one person or thing can heal us or "fix" us- and with this information and knowledge that you'll gain in 4 weeks, you'll learn what YOU need, to heal.  

A woman's cycle is what governs the way she feels on all levels; emotionally, physically, mentally, and even spiritually.  Women all over the world are feeling the call to bring back this simple and ancient information. 

Learn how to track your cycle!

Learn about why it's important to know about the different physical and hormonal changes you experience each month and why it's important to track your cycle every day.  You'll learn about alternatives to hormonal birth control as well as different cycle charting mechanisms that you can use for the rest of your life!

This course will provide an introduction into beginning to track your cycle. You'll have the option after graduating from the course, to dive deeper into the Fertility Awareness Method!

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Receive guided meditations + weekly journal practices & action items

Each week of the course will include journaling worksheets for you to do that embody that phase of the Moon.  This will be your time for self-exploration.  You can re-do the worksheets as many times as you'd like!

Meditation and sound healing are two of the most vital tools for reducing stress, anxiety and menstrual pain. So you'll also receive sound healing tracks you can listen to for deep energy cleansing.  There will be a breath-work video provided by one of our guest experts as well as guided meditations throughout the duration of the course! 

Learn how to balance your hormones with food.

Hormones and our body's endocrine system is what regulates how we feel both physically and emotionally.  Along with your training on your hormonal system, you'll learn how food can play a direct role in how you feel both physically and energetically.



See how the course changed Sarah's life!

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