wise women wellness retreat


Ready to re-wild yourself? Do you feel the call towards the Wise Feminine?  

Join Lydia for a 3 day retreat of ancient feminine wisdom.  Answer the call of your heart as you connect with other women in peace and tranquility on sacred land.

Are wanting to release stagnant energy so that you can live a more vibrant life?
Are you interested in connecting to the land and to the Wise Woman inside of you?
Are you feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, and wanting to connect with others?

No matter where you are on your journey, you are invited to join Lydia for 3 days full of nature, self-discovery and freedom in Blanco, Texas. This retreat will focus around self-care as you learn about ancient practices and rituals of Wise Women.  Over  the course of the weekend you'l take part in workshops and other learning opportunities as you dive deep into your wise woman intuition.  



From the time she was a little girl, the ancient woman knew her rites of passage.  She was initiated into woman-hood by her female community; her tribe.  You will be re-awakened to your intuitive female power. You will join together with other powerful women to learn the primal and ancient ritual skills of medicine making in the form of creating smudge wands and herbal tea pouches.  


The Wise Woman is connected to the land.  She honors the Earth by walking upon it.  Together, we will gather on sacred land on 350 acres in Blanco, Texas. This is the heart of the hill-country and these lands are host to some of the most ancient formations in the world.  Nature walks and star-gazing will connect you to your source.  Just an hour's drive from the city of Austin, your senses will be awakened to the power that lies beneath your feet.  



Food for the body and the spirit.  Meals will be provided as we share in community together.  Nourishing, vegetarian food will be lovingly provided throughout the retreat.  Yummy and nutritious snacks as well as triple filtered water will be available.  There will also be flower and gemstone essences to add to your water or hot tea as you feel called.  


Each night, you'll get a deeper look into what it means to be a woman, as you dive into the phases of your own Moon cycle.  You'll learn about the goddesses that represent your Priestess, Crone, Maiden, and Empress energies! No matter what your Moon cycle is like, you'll learn the true embodiment of all of your phases.