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Alchemizing Pain Into The Life You Desire: Episode 5

Radicle Ruminations Podcast 

"Lydia grew up in a small town in Mississippi. About a year before she and her identical twin sister, Marlena, were conceived, her family tragically lost their 8 year old son (Lydia's brother) in a car accident. On Lydia's website she writes,

"My twin and I were conceived into the womb of a woman grieving the death of her 8 year old son."

In our interview we talk about how being born into a family full of sadness and grief shaped Lydia's life, and how those experiences led her down her path of alchemizing that pain into healing and a life she is grateful for and thriving in."

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Aligning Your Life & Monthly Cycle with the Moon: Episode 33

Girlskill Podcast

"On this episode, Lydia tells us the story of debilitating panic attacks, a diagnosis of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and a journey of finding her whole-ness through nutrition, yoga, and a daily self-love practice.

“Success for me means freedom: my schedule, my life, and the people I let in.”

Lydia explains why and how women’s menstrual cycles are aligned with the moon and how we can plan not only our months but also our whole lives around our monthly periods. She also gives us practical tips on how to start tracking your cycle today and how to regulate your cycle if it is irregular."

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Lydia Jarjoura On Abundance, Taking Risks, & Healing: Episode 13

Beyond The Story Podcast by Ally Canales

"Do you ever get goose bumps after talking with someone... like full chills... but in a "Omg that was one of the most magical conversations ever!" Well today's episode is exploding with magic and good chills. My guest Lydia Jarjoura brought her epic lunar energy to the table and left me feel so excited to share our chat with all of you! 

Lydia and I chat about abundance and calling more of it into your life, take risks, owning your story, the birth place of lunar nourishment, and drum roll please... ayahuasca. 

If your needing some motivation to take risks and own your story this EP is for you!"

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