“I just finished my workbook-I feel so amazing! This is so beneficial for me and I am SO glad I found you, this program, and the PORTAL!”

“Ever since our call I have felt a layer of protection on me that seriously feels like a force field.”

“I have been standing my ground and holding my boundaries more than ever before and it feels so fucking great!”

“I already feel and see a difference in my relationships. And in how I feel about myself and my days.”

“Thank you ALL for being here. This space means so much to me.”

“I’m so grateful for this space you created for us and the women I’ve met here.  So grateful for what I’ve learned here.”

“I’ve grown so much this past year. I feel so much clarity around things I used to be unsure of. I don’t feel like I’ll make the wrong decision about things. I trust myself! Thank you Lydia.”

“No matter the emotional stages, I feel supported by you.. and I've been able to recognize the support from my friends and family.”

“Whenever I meet you for our 1:1s, I leave feeling lighter, brighter, and more capable. I really appreciate your time and connection. And I'm so thankful for the changes I'm seeing in myself.”

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this community! I couldn't done it without the confidence I've built since we started this journey together.”

“Thank you Lydia for your guidance and creating the conditions and the space to develop ourselves and find our inner voice!”

“So much yes. I am growing at a very fast speed.
This is everything, Lydia.”

“I have shed my obsession with finding a partner, shed a few pant and bra sizes (I don't weigh myself), and shed the feeling of helplessness.”

“I have TAKEN RESPONSIBILITY in a huge way and I feel it has set me up in every other aspect of my life.”