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No teacher, guru or self-care expert knows YOU better than you do. If you know that you have capacity to mother yourself and to increase your health, but aren’t sure which techniques are best for you, you’re in the right place.

It can be frustrating to see the multi-billion dollar self-help industry tells us that we need to be “fixed”- you aren’t broken.  You’re perfect JUST like you are and while there are millions of ways we can help ourselves. 

If you’re tired of reading every self-help book and trying out tons of different meditations and exhausting yourself to figure out which are best for YOU, then look no further. I’ve put together a capsule of my most traditional and impactful self-healing techniques.  

This 3 part live series is for women who want to take control of their body.

Maybe you don’t have all the time in the world to go on relaxing retreats or the money to take a yoga teacher training program, or the capacity to learn the hundreds of different herbs and how to prepare them to find out which ones your body needs.

Maybe you’re not sure how to listen to your body’s signals to know when to rest, when to move and when to really nurture yourself.

Maybe you experience painful periods, pms, or have daily anxiety or depression.

If you’re a woman, you need this information.

If you’re interested in finally feeling like you’re taken care of, you don’t want to miss out on this.

If you want to help the other women in your life, this is the series for you.



This collection of live webinars is designed to give you a solid structure of wellness rituals so you can learn how to not only listen to your body’s signals but nourish yourself on every level.

It’s time to trust yourself, trust your body’s ability to self-heal, and create a framework that will last a lifetime.

At the end of this series, you’ll be initiated into a wealth of women’s wisdom- tools that our ancestors passed down through generations.  

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3 live webinars + recordings:

#1. A woman's guide to home herbalism

Discover how to use herbs for healing hormonal imbalances, mood swings, period pain, pms symptoms, and overall energy and anxiety levels.  You'll learn about the main herbs used in women's health
+ the difference between teas, tinctures, salves, and herbal steams
+ learn how to decide which herbs you need based on how you feel
+ discover resources for getting sustainably sourced and organic products
+ experience the ancient wisdom of simple home herbalism

Call time: Tuesday, January 30th at 11am central/ 12pm est/ 9am pst

#2. Sync your life to your cycle

Learn how much simpler life gets when you sync your schedule to your cycle. This is especially pertinent to entrepreneurs, freelancers, moms, and anyone who has a daily schedule that feels hectic.
+ how to work WITH your natural flow
+ increase productivity at work and at home
+ discover how to have more successful relationships by aligning with your cycle
+ know when to be productive, when to rest, and when your creativity is at its peak

Call time: Wednesday, January 31st at 11am central/ 12pm est/ 9am pst

#3. Ground your body, calm your mind 

Be the expert of yourself. Learn self-care techniques for reducing anxiety & coping with stress.  We'll go over techniques that you can use at any time, for either a few minutes or longer depending how you feel. No prior healing training is needed- you'll learn what you need to know in our time together.  
+ learn visual meditations
+ discover the healing power of EFT
+ incorporate breath-work into your daily routine
+ learn specific yoga postures to use during stressful times  

Call time: Thursday, February 1st at 11am central/ 12pm est/ 9am pst

Ready to join us?

The Ritual: 3 part live series includes:

1. A Woman's Guide to Home Herbalism
2. Sync your Life to your Cycle
3. Ground your Body, Ground your Mind + bonus live full moon releasing meditation!

+ BONUS gift of a my 4 part guided meditation series to help you begin or refresh your meditation practice!


1. What if I can't make it to the live calls?
A recording will be sent out 24 hours after each call and will be available to you fo' life! 

2. How do the calls work?
Upon registration, you'll be sent the call details for each webinar including a simple link to watch the video via the Zoom video app or to call in from your phone.  You'll be sent those details the days of each call, too!

3. My life is busy, will I feel overwhelmed with all of this?
This series is designed to fit into your schedule without causing extra stress. Since all calls are recorded, you can listen over and over again. This information is simple, straightforward and easy to digest.

4. Do I need any prior self-healing knowledge to join?
Nope! This is literally for any woman who wants to have more control over her body and her life. Even if you've never put a toe in the waters of self-care, you'll find this simple and easy! 

Join us to change the way you live your life!


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