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When your website doesn’t convey the value of the work you do, what’s the point of having one?

If your website isn’t making potential clients want to book a session with you or sign up for your program, then why is it there?

If a user doesn’t know within the first 30 second scan of your site exactly what action they should take, then why are they there?

Let’s change your site from just a beautiful feature to a functional place for potential clients to land and feel at home.

Website Review

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  • Up to 5 pages

  • 45 minute consult call to go over your goals

  • My review includes suggested sections for you to edit (if you want me to do full re-writes of sentences, check out the next option, below)

  • Edits are “tweaks” to current copy (like grammar and spelling and sentence structure) to make it more readable for your MVP but not full re-writes

Copy Creation

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  • Up to 5 pages

  • 60 minute consult call to go over your goals

  • I will do a FULL re-write of up to 5 pages geared towards your MVP. Example pages:

    • about

    • program

    • home

    • contact

  • Go from bland and unoriginal to exciting and 100% aligned with your clients’ goals in mind that they WANT to work with you.

Full Site Buildout + Strategy

Price varies.

The big shabang!

  • Up to 4 (!) consult calls to go over goals and needs

  • Up to 5 pages

  • Content strategy including the funnel (journey) users will go on from finding your site to signing up to work with you

  • Design and build-out of site (I work strictly with Squarespace websites) and training for you to be able to edit in the future without paying someone else to!

  • Copy for your pages that speaks to your MVP

  • Does not include writing blog posts or newsletter integration or social media blurbs

Questions? Email connect@lunarnourishment.com