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Ready to create profitability that’s aligned with your soul?


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  • Create a structured program that you can sell year after year.

  • Learn the ins and outs of AUTHENTIC marketing and business psychology.

  • Find the most viable people who will invest in what you have to offer.

  • Stop the search for hourly clients.

  • Create something that will motivate and change the lives of the people you want to reach.

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Your Coach

I’m Lydia, and in 2014, I decided that I was tired of making a certain amount of money at my desk job, no matter how HARD I worked.

I quit the job & started my company but very quickly burned myself out, hustling and trying to build up my following and find more clients.

So I decided to work SMARTER, not harder. It took me YEARS to get here; and I don’t want you to run around in circles like I did.

So I made something for you so you’ll save time, make money, AND change lives.

Here’s what I’ve dedicated the last DECADE of my life to:

  • Business Management and Marketing (Bachelor’s Degree)

  • Fine Arts (photography, graphics, web design) (Bachelor’s Degree)

  • Digital Communications + Marketing (7 years of working experience)

  • Women’s Health + Life Coaching (Certified coach and started my biz in 2014)

  • My own holistic healing (went from panic attacks > anxiety meds> to fully medicine-free since 2012)

What is The Soul Income Masterclass?

A system to help you create a program aligned with your soul

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  • WEEK 1: February 10th
    Find your Most Viable People:

    • Discover how to tap into *your* core gifts to find your ideal client

    • Learn the mechanics of motivation and use it to find the perfect people for your program (and for your email list!)

    • LIVE office hours= Wednesday, February 13th at 10am cst. Put it in your calendar or watch the recording sent to you immediately after the call.

  • WEEK 2: February 17th
    Create a Scalable & Sustainable program:

    • Discover how to avoid burnout and reduce stress so you can re-sell your program year after year.

    • Learn how to create a program that YOU are excited about!

    • LIVE office hours= Wednesday, February 20th at 10am cst. Put it in your calendar or watch the recording sent to you immediately after the call.

  • WEEK 3: February 24th
    Learn The Energetics of Marketing:

    • Discover how to sell authentically and without sounding like a marketer

    • Learn how to write good copy that sells itself using the power of story-telling

    • LIVE office hours= Wednesday, February 27th at 10am cst. Put it in your calendar or watch the recording sent to you immediately after the call.

  • WEEK 4: March 3rd
    Leveraging the Launch

    • Learn how to launch your program using the power of momentum

    • Create a schedule and use it to pitch your offering

    • LIVE office hours= Wednesday, March 6th at 10am cst. Put it in your calendar or watch the recording sent to you immediately after the call.

  • BONUS CALL: March 10th or March 13th

    • You’ll get to share your “pitch” with the group and get live feedback.

Enrollment ends on Friday, February 8th!

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Is this program for you?

+ You have or want to create a service-based-business
+ You’re very self-motivated and disciplined
+ You have extra time to devote to the course outside of your regular work time
+ For profitable results, you’ll have to work on your own after the Masterclass ends (like creating course content, blog posts, and fulfilling the thing you promised in your program).


  • Personal growth teachers and influencers

  • Health Coaches

  • Nutritionists

  • Yoga Teachers

  • Photographers and other creative freelancers

  • Counselors/therapists

  • Other service-based-businesses

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Hard work + consistency + desire = success

Enrollment ends on Friday, February 8th!

Only THREE advanced spaces left!


  • So, how does this work?
    -See the call schedule by clicking here; this is for levels 2-3! You’ll get that in your welcome packet. For the live calls, you’ll need to download the Zoom app (it’s free and takes a few minutes to download). For your homework and group communication (and getting in touch with me), you’ll use Google docs and Slack.

  • Refund Policy:
    -There will be no refunds available after we begin the course on February 10th and after you join the Slack group. You agree to this when you pay by clicking “agree” before you enter your payment info.

  • What is “Slack”?
    -It’s our private online community (think AIM or Facebook but no ads and just our group) and it’s where you’ll receive ALL notifications regarding when a video has been posted, your homework assignments, etc. This is your place to ask for feedback from other students and from me.

  • Am I ready for this?
    -If you are confident that your idea and your service can legit help people, then yes— you’re ready for it. If YOU don’t have confidence then no one else will so it’s up to you to be ready and able to do this intense work during the Masterclass.

  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    At this time, the only payment options you see below are what’s available. This is the first round of this program so these are “beta” prices meaning the lowest they’ll ever be; take advantage of it now!

  • What’s next??
    After you pay, you’ll get a Welcome document telling you next steps!

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Here are the results my clients are gaining from my programs:

“Lydia showed me that my business can be reflected as a brand in my daily lifestyle. As a jewelry designer, it’s important for me to make sure that my personal style is shown to my potential customers. Now, I get compliments on my jewelry and how I style it with my clothing and I feel like my business and brand are both more cohesive!” -Marlena, Texas

"Everything we discussed and my plan of action is spot on. I feel good about our work together. I'm so happy I found you! This shift I'm experiencing is life-changing. You are one hell of a woman with deep wisdom, and I've been able to mirror that in myself. WOW.

So many areas of my life started to shift- in my personal relationship, in my own heart, and in my work life. You do amazing work. You really do. I’m so grateful. In every single area of my life, I felt even a little bit of a shift. The biggest one was aligning to myself and the path that I’m on. I think that was the biggest shift for me; becoming confident and feeling a lot of my love for myself on this process.  Connecting to myself on a whole new level and then everything else… flowed.

You started deep within..cut straight to the point. You went back in time and helped me clean it and then helped me form space to go forward. I’m ready to continue and that’s what’s’ve created sustainability and momentum to move forward." - Rachael, Miami FL

"I'd recommend working with Lydia because she has this magical ability to connect with you, even through a screen. She can bring that out and really use it as a tool in helping you with whatever sort of direction you need help with and for me, that's huge. It's helped me to identify other areas of my life and I should probably let go and move on from - things that my ego wants me to be part of but that don't actually serve me in any way (things that actually drain me). Powerful stuff, indeed! I feel like a sponge, just soaking up all this great stuff. 

I’ve been feeling so grounded and focused lately that I’ve been able to be open to up to changing my previous thoughts or ideas about myself and my business. I am beginning to get what I’ve always been searching for: connection with my partner, confidence in myself, and permission to actually do what serves me." - Kala, Paradise CA

The only thing you keeping you from making a more abundant income while serving your clients deeper is you.

Take the step and start designing the life you really want.

Enrollment ends on Friday, February 8th!

Only THREE advanced spaces left!

Not sure if it’s right for you? Let’s chat about it!

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