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SOUL Source of Income

Profitability that’s perfectly aligned with what matters most to you.

Take it from a fellow entrepreneur (me): hustling SUCKS.

I spent the first two years of my business running around in circles wondering how I was working so much with so little to show for it.

I had an email list, I had a website, I KNEW that my services were helping people in a really deep way- yet I found myself having to rent out my apartment on Airbnb and stay with friends every other weekend. I did this for two years because I wasn’t able to support myself with my business.

Then I decided to change the way I was doing things.

I created a system that allowed me to book clients months (even a YEAR!) in advance so that I could focus on serving them, not wondering how I was going to pay my bills.

The system that I use comes not really from my business degree, but from my years of experience in the corporate world of Digital Communication and Marketing and my own personal experience of starting my business with just $200 for a simple website.

I’ve combined ALL of my skills, literally all them (they include my background as a certified coach, a women’s leadership facilitator, and a yoga teacher) so that I can show you how I did it.

I made $20,000 in just two weeks with ONE program launch with just 15 clients. And guess what? It’s way more simple than you think.

Ready to work with me?

Here’s what I’ll teach you how to do:

  • Create ONE signature package that sells

  • Build a schedule for you to launch your package and sell it out!

  • Learn how to write sales copy without feeling (or sounding) like a marketer

    • use your unique gifts and abilities to sell your package confidently

    • never sacrifice your integrity or business ethics to make money

    • discover how to pitch in a way that your ideal client can’t say no to

Here’s what I’ll do for you:

  • Create a beautiful and unique website

  • Create brand templates you can use for your newsletter and social media

  • Give you a template for my system that you can use over and over again to make money with your business

We’ll hop on a call with each other once a week.

Week 1: Strategy

  • Outline your business goals

Week 2: Ideal Client

  • Find your client + what they want

Week 3: Creating the Package

  • Structuring the pricing, time, + content

Week 4: Building the Schedule

  • Creating your launch schedule so you sell spots!

Week 5: The Sell

  • Writing your copy that’s personalized for your audience

Weeks 6-7: The Buildout
The full website build is an optional *add on. Price will be quoted to you after our initial call.

  • While you work on tying up any loose ends, I”ll be working hard on your beautiful website and branding!

Week 8: The Launch!

  • All our hard work will be paid off this week as you launch your package. I send you off, my love, to do what you do best; serve your clients! We’ll end with a final call as I hand off your website!

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  • You have a current business, you’re just not making the $$ you want or reaching the clients you hope for.

  • You have an email list or a FB page or a social media following. SOMEONE, somewhere has heard of your business.

  • You have a clear vision on what your business is and aren’t wanting to totally switch gears but just uplevel it.

  • You have at least $1,000-$2,000 + to spend on your business growth and coaching with me.

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I’ve worked with HUNDREDS of women in the realms of authentic living, business, health, and more.

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