What women are saying after working with me..


"I left our session glowing and full of feminine energy. Since then, I have already had two powerful and genuine connections with two strong women friends of mine. The energy is contagious and abundant now that I'm opening up to it! Speaking my truth and surrounding myself with others who do the same is becoming a non-negotiable." - Liz ( health and wellness journalist, yoga instructor) 


"My menstrual cycle aligned with the moon that first new moon after taking the [Balanced Babes] course and I don't take birth control.  I am so much more aware of how my emotions, motivation, moods all change throughout the month and can prevent a lot of my 'breakdowns' I was having before just from being in tune and knowing what kinds of self care I needed.  I also finally am finding it more comfortable to talk about these things with other women, which is incredibly empowering to not feel shame about something so natural that we all go through!" -Rachel

"Lydia is truly an amazing person. Her passion for helping women unlock their most honest, authentic, and loving selves is powerful. Since working with Lydia I have deepened my spiritual practice, gained a greater appreciation for my body, and realized a more whole understanding of what womanhood and sisterhood mean to me. Lydia always practices empathy and gratitude when sharing wisdom and holding space for others, and her ability to model how to honor one's self and maintain boundaries in a loving and kind way is inspiring." -Jenna (music teacher) 

"Working with Lydia always brings me to that tuned-in state of being that is so easy to lose track of in our hectic, modern world. She offers just the right amount of guidance and direction and then holds space for you to make your own deep discoveries that lead to healing. A session with Lydia always leaves me nourished and refreshed on the heart, mind, and soul levels." - Heather (musician from Austin, Texas) 

"I trust Lydia with my body - quite literally. Receiving information and learning from her about my cycle and and the art of being a woman is like receiving an exquisitely wrapped gift. I regularly encourage her to produce more because the world needs her information and her commitment to self-care!" - Victoria (creative director + head copywriter of victorialucia

"Lydia is a fabulous teacher and super inspiring! She focuses on the mind, body and spirit - it's easy to relate to her and reach out with questions!" - Shay (founder + CEO of bunglo : a high vibration home goods company )

"I'm so impressed by your level of knowledge and wisdom. I'm grateful that this generation of young women have a teacher like you to impart the deep knowings available to them. Your work is powerful!" -Lynn, Ph.D (career zen master at Zen Master)

"I feel more connected with my body and definitely feel that I have knowledge that will serve me and continue to grow for the rest of my life. Often when friends and family have told me about emotional or physical struggles, I have referred them to you and your coursework." -Samantha (co-creator of FemBeat documentary series)

"THANK YOU so much for doing what you are doing and passing down all this amazing info to us women. I am DEEPLY inspired, and want to take action NOW. This is so important to me." - Katie

"My life changed when I found Lunar Nourishment. Lydia is such a kind,loving, educational, inspiring woman, who is passionate about what she belives in and who inspires women who surround her." - Kayleigh P.

I don't think I have the words to adequately describe how wonderful it is knowing you feel how you do. You share your stories, and your struggles, and it's almost like I was there feeling the same as you. We as women all feel similar struggles. We see it happen all around us every day and just let it happen because that's how it's always been. Thank you for giving me hope. Thank you for sharing your truths, because it has certainly made it easier for me to start sharing my truths more and more. The work you do for other women inspires me, as I'm sure it must inspire others." - Kayla