charting your cycle

Our final week together is here! I hope that you already feel a deeper understanding and appreciation of your body's magical wisdom. Today, we will discuss cycle tracking.

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Understanding the link between your body and the moon’s cycle is both empowering and educational. Rather than fighting your physical or emotional changes throughout the month, you can learn to embrace and work with them.

Cycle charting is an ancient tool used to do just that. Through daily tracking of your physical, emotional, and energetic tendencies, you’ll discover your inner cycles. To start tracking your own cycle, you can use a typical calendar, a moon tracking calendar, or a fertility app. ( You can find some references in the Bonus Materials section!)

The most important thing to note is how you felt each day. It’s best to track your day right before bed. Note how your body felt, energetically and emotionally. You can note this with a smily face or simple words like "felt tired" or "felt great".

When it comes to anything, awareness is the first step. Try not to have too many expectations if you're just starting to track your cycle. It will take a few months for you to get into the routine and notice any patterns you experience during each cycle. The goal of cycle tracking, first and foremost, is to empower yourself by learning about your body's cycle and the physical and emotional changes you experience each month.  

Again, before making any big changes or going off of any medication, contact your healthcare physician. This is not to be taken as medical advice :) 

Click here for PDF  if above document doesn't work for you. 

Click here for PDF if above document doesn't work for you.